"Why are they running like that?"

"Why are they running like that?"

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Hey One Piece Fandom!

If you’ve been following the oppositivityproject, you’ll know that the introduction of this blog is long overdue however, we’ve finally managed to realise that this would be really great in our fandom right about now. If you view this blog, you’ll find that it’s still under construction but that’s only because we need you guys to help us! 

The idea of this blog is not to promote but to get your name out there and find more bloggers who’ll interest you. We’re including lists of graphic makers, artists, writers, ask/role play blogs, otp/ship blogs and anything else we’ve neglected to mention (gomen!) We’re also including birthdays of people in this fandom, which we believe will also tie us closer. Other posts we will be making/reblogging will include important announcements throughout the One Piece fandom, events and quite possibly commission info?

But we can’t do it without you guys. What can you guys do? You can either message us which category (max. 3) you would like to be put under or wait for a post which specifies a category to come around and simply reblog it. We’re not being too strict on the definition of what each category is but please do not simply reblog a post just because you posted something 1 year ago. You do not have to regularly post things that align with your category however, please don’t use it to simply promote your blog. We’re all equals here! Hence why we’ve also included a soon to be massive list of every one in the fandom who requests to be on it.

So please reblog this post to create awareness and allow many people in the One Piece fandom on Tumblr to see it! :)

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if you’re good with html

could you help me figure out how to put a scrollbar on a box? im trying to put one on the opdirectory but i suCK AT HTML ):

message me please!

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The three of us have to become the freest pirates ever then let's meet up again somewhere. Somewhere on the big and open sea! Definitely, someday!
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Ace the son of the pirate king, who had matured all in secret

Silently departes from Mt.Colbo’s Coast.

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Luffy getting taunted by the giant rabbit he just punched.

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Anonymous wondered:

send me blogs you think i should follow... any good one piece blogs your following?

everyone i follow is amazing!! if you check my blogroll here, all the ones with one piece icons are op blogs and most of them are gorgeous graphic makers too! (some i can think of from the top of my head are baltigo, zorosama and calgaras)

also some good blogs that don’t have op icons bc they’re multifandom are greatsenpai, killuar, aominedaikies and poolnareff

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